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Weed or Knotweed?

guac Aughty Projects

are a series of public art works focusing on the Aughty region commissioned by Galway County Council Arts Office, and supported by The Arts Council of Ireland, GUAC, Clare County Arts Office and Slógadh Aughty.


The Aughty area covers north east Clare and South east Galway.


The project is curated by Dr Áine Phillips, Head of Sculpture at the Burren College of Art.


Artists from Ground Up Artists Collective (GUAC) -  Marie Connole, Emma Houlihan and Tom Flanagan, created public art works that engage creatively with the communities of the area.




Aughty Public Art Projects

was created as part of Aughty Public Art Projects.


The work has  two strands.

The first explores the topography of the Aughty area, native birds, folk lore, and the invasive Japanese Knotweed plant, through delicate watercolours.


The second strand was a participatory project.

The public were invited to record the advantages and disadvantages of being 'alien' in another country.

Their thoughts were posted to an address in the Aughty area.

These postcards have since been compiled into a book.


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